Message from the Chairman of the Fondation pour Genève

The Fondation pour Genève is proud to support the Diplomatic Club of Geneva

As a meeting place for Ambassadors, heads of agencies, businessmen, professors and local personalities, the Diplomatic Club plays an essential role in strengthening the ties between different actors of international Geneva and building bridges with local Geneva.

Under the chairmanship of former Ambassador of Switzerland Raymond Loretan and its dynamic committee, which involves representatives of the Swiss Confederation and of the Canton and City of Geneva, it offers a rich program of activities each year, combining conferences on international current affairs and excursions to discover Geneva and Switzerland.

The Fondation pour Genève shares the same advocacy objectives of International Geneva. Thanks to its institutional and private patrons, it carries out its own activities while supporting those of other actors dedicated to strengthening Geneva’s reach and reputation. The Fondation pour Genève is proud and honored to support the activities of the Diplomatic Club of Geneva for more than 10 years

Marc Pictet