Diplomatic Club of Geneva:
A bridge to new synergies

Message from the President, Mr. Raymond Loretan Message from the President, Mr. Raymond Loretan
La nouvelle donne européenne et mondiale au lendemain des élections présidentielles françaises

Exclusive dialogue with Mr Dominique de Villepin, former French Prime Minister and former Minister of Foreign Affairs

Visit of the BATLab

Breakfast debate at the BATlab, the biggest innovative medical center in Switzerland

Concert of the UN Orchestra at Victoria Hall

Concert organized for the 15th anniversary of Switzerland's accession to the United Nations

Exclusive dialogue with Ms Carla del Ponte

Luncheon-debate with Ms Carla del Ponte, Member of the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria

Visit of the International Museum of the Reformation

Visit of the Museum and debate on the theme "Interfaith Dialogue for Peace"


Diplomatic Club of Geneva
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