Message from the Mayor of the City of Geneva

The Diplomatic Club of Geneva is a significant and indispensable presence for our city.

As Mayor of the City of Geneva, I would like to reaffirm the commitment of the municipal authorities to the Diplomatic Club and to commend it for the activities it has organised for over 40 years.

While the world of international organizations is sometimes a little compartmentalized - although the areas of work are diverse - the Diplomatic Club brings together the different actors of International Geneva to meet in an informal and stimulating environment. The Diplomatic Club thus promotes, within the international community in Geneva, the creation of friendly and professional ties, the emergence of new synergies and the emergence of new collaborations. This is an undeniable comparative advantage for Geneva.

The Diplomatic Club also helps bring the international community in Geneva closer to the local community. These two worlds have long evolved in isolation of each other but for Geneva to grow and prosper, it has been essential for these two worlds to become familiarized and to work together. By providing a space for dialogue, the Diplomatic Club has worked towards this shared goal by building bridges between diplomats, local government authorities, private bodies and academics with the ultimate goal, in my view, of fostering an understanding and sensitivity of each respective group’s needs.

I therefore warmly congratulate the Diplomatic Club for its activities and wish it the best for the coming years

Sandrine Salerno