Message from the Chairman of the Fondation pour Genève

Message from the Chairman of the Fondation pour Genève

If Geneva can claim being the world’s primary international cooperation centre it is by virtue of its diplomatic missions, its international organizations, its NGOs and its multinational companies.

The purpose of the Diplomatic Club of Geneva is to build bridges between all these players. For the past ten years it has undertaken a growing number of initiatives under the aegis of the Fondation pour Genève at the Pastorale.

In 2016 the Diplomatic Club moved to the Maison de la Paix. Under the chairmanship of former Ambassador of Switzerland Raymond Loretan and its dynamic committee, which involves representatives of the Confederation and of the Canton and City of Geneva, the Club will continue to develop its activities with the financial support of the Fondation pour Genève.

As for the Fondation pour Genève, it shares the same advocacy objectives of international Geneva by pursuing its own activities by at the same time supporting those of organizations such as the Diplomatic Club. Thanks to its institutional and private sponsors, the Fondation pour Genève is able to allocate resources to the various players dedicated to strengthening Geneva’s reach and reputation.

Ivan Pictet